Welcome to Ride Tours, here are some of the questions we’ve had in the past, if you have any others please feel free to give me a call!

1- What type of accommodation is included?
We stay at a brilliant hostel, called Port Campbell Hostel and rooms are dormitory style, so sharing with 6-10 others. The rooms are large, clean and new.

2- Can we upgrade to a private double/twin?
There are limited upgrades available at a cost (seasonal pricing, around $35p/p). We will help you book a room, but we can never guarantee a double for you. A dorm bed is always guaranteed.

3- What bus do you use?
We use a Toyota Coaster Deluxe 21 seater. It is comfortable, clean, has A/C and is perfect for our tour, but a 5 star coach it is not. We will never add Wi-Fi as we want you to talk to real human beings and stare out the window, not at your tablets and phones.

4- Why can’t I bring my large luggage?
We are a backpacker company. We are trying to keep our costs as low as possible to keep this tour cheap. Adding a trailer is an unnecessary cost for a 2 day tour. If you are having trouble storing your luggage at your hostel/hotel in Melbourne we will 100 percent help you out, so don’t worry about that. Also, in the quiet season, we normally have space for extra luggage. Please email me or call me before the tour and we will sort it out. We really love soft daypacks and really dislike trolley bags!!!!

5- Do you have age restrictions?
We deal with this on a case by case basis. We love kids and sometimes a tour is suitable for youngsters in our quiet season, but not so much in the peak season. Just email me and I will let you know. Whilst most of our passengers are in their 20‘s and 30‘s, Ride also loves age diversity, so bring along your parents and grandparents too. Now that I am 40, I need them to help me still feel young!!!

6- Can I pay by cash on the day?
Of course!! Just call me on my mobile 0427180357 and make the booking by phone. We will take a credit card as security to ensure you show up on the day. The card is only ever charged if you fail to show up for the tour. You can cancel for free up to a week before the tour, lose 50 percent if cancelling up to 48 hours before and we don’t allow cancellations within 48 hours of the departure unless we can onsell your seats.

7- Why aren’t you on Trip Advisor?
Bloody good question!!! For some reason only known to them, they are not interested in having 2 day Great Ocean Road companies on their site. Please feel free to bombard them with emails advocating a change!