Here at Ride, we don’t lie to you. Don’t you hate it when a brochure says we have a short drive and it ends up being 3 hours long? Well, read our full itinerary and we tell you how long the big drives are and grade them for you below.

  • Depart Melbourne and head to Tower Hill. (3 hour drive – very boring so talk to your new friends and ask to play cool tunes)
  • We will stop along the way for FREE tea, coffee and biscuits.
  • Arrive at Logan’s Beach, an awesome surf beach (year round) and also a place to see whales nurse their young(winter treat)
  • After lunch shopping, we head to the mighty Tower Hill, a large, sunken volcano, home to loads of koalas, kangaroos and emus
  • Quick 20 minute drive to Cheeseworld (yeeha!) for a free cheese tasting.
  • We then drive for 30 mins to the Great Ocean Road and look at loads of great sights
    – Bay of Islands
    – Bay of Martyrs
    – The Grotto
    – London Bridge
    (If the weather allows, we have plenty of time for a swim at one of these spots.)
  • Then we do something really cool. We will head up to the 12 Apostles for an amazing sunset experience.
  • We then wait around 30 minutes to see the penguins returning from their day’s fishing.
  • Then it is an easy 10 minute drive to your FREE hostel where we will have our FREE dinner feast. (In summer time, dinner will be before sunset)
  • We leave at 5am after your FREE breakfast. Just kidding, we will leave around 8 and drive 10 mins. to beautiful Loch Ard Gorge.
  • Now it’s back to the 12 Apostles to see them again in daylight. Here is also your opportunity for a helicopter flight (optional but highly recommended at $145 for 15 minute flight).
  • Then it’s off to Gibson’s Steps to see one of the Apostles from the beach.
  • 1 hour drive (lovely- stay awake) follows up towards Maits Rest where we will do a rainforest walk (guided)
  • Lunch in awesome seaside town of Apollo Bay.
  • Great scenery all afternoon as we wind our way towards Bells’ Beach driving the original stretch of road hugging the ocean all the way (about 2 hours of stunning driving, so no sleeping!!!)
  • Visit the “Round the Twist” Lighthouse for our TV-crazed British and Irish backpackers.
  • Watch the best surfers showing off at Bells Beach.
  • Back to Melbourne (1½ hour drive- very boring-sleep away). Arrive at 7pm onwards