We really love staying at the Port Campbell Hostel for many reasons, but craft beer is clearly number one. So how does a hostel go from just being a hostel, to one with a brewery?

John and Marion (owners) are 2 pretty amazing people. I have never known anyone to say they will do something and follow through with absolutely everything. They completely transformed the hostel to what it is today; adding a cafe, indoor BBQ, TV room but even I chuckled when they said a brewery would be next. How wrong could I be…….

John did a TAFE course, travelled the world, even hired brewers from Germany to make this dream a reality. It all seemed to happen so quickly and before I knew it, I was sharing my BBQ space with the brewery.

The name of the brewery, Sow and Piglets, is also connected to the Great Ocean Road, being the original name for the 12 Apostles.

So how about the beer itself? In the finest craft beer traditions, they have managed to brew some amazing varieties, something for every palate. I personally love the IPA, but you might prefer the Dunkel, Marzen or Pale Ale. They also do some seasonal beers, so ask the bar staff for any specials. They have certainly tried every beer themselves……

If you are not a beer fan, they also stock an amazing alcoholic iced tea, as well as some excellent and cheap wines. Everything goes so well with your free dinner!!

You can find their website here: www.sowandpiglets.com