Obviously, summer is our busiest time of the year and there are great advantages to travelling at this time, but we don’t undersell winter here, and we want to tell you why. There are so many bonuses to doing our tour in winter.

1- AMAZING SUNSETS – At this time of year, the sun is actually settling right behind the 12 Apostles, so the photos are simple magical.

2- WHALE SEASON – We only have whales in winter and our tour is the best possible chance to see them, as we go further along the coast than the day tours to Logan’s Beach, where pregnant whales give birth and spend several months rearing their calf close to the shore (no day tours come here)

3- BETTER WILDLIFE – The colder conditions bring more kangaroos and wallabies to Tower Hill. When it is drizzly and cold, it is the best time of year to see loads of wildlife. The penguins also come in earlier at the 12 Apostles, so we aren’t waiting so long after sunset for them.

4- RAINBOWS AND COLOUR – The only thing that makes the coastal drive prettier is a rainbow. We are blessed in winter time to see them on most tours. There is also an incredible variety of light during the day, so you can take some fantastically different photos, especially in black and white for cloudy and stormy days. Plus, it’s generally windy, so weather passes through quickly. There is always sunshine not long after the rain.

5- HUGE WAVES, RUGGED COASTLINE – The Great Ocean Road is full of shipwrecks, due to massive seas and submerged limestone. We love when Mother Nature is at her angriest. There is nothing more dramatic than watching huge waves smashing into the cliffs.

6- LESS PEOPLE – Because we are doing the tour in reverse direction and arrive at main sights at different times to all the day tours, we are often the only people at the lookouts and the beaches. We love empty beaches!

7- FIRST CLASS TRAVEL – You are more than likely to get 2 seats to yourself for the tour, so stretch those legs and relax!!!

Pumped to announce that the mighty Port Campbell Hostel (our accommodation on tour) has opened its own brewery, on site!! Having sampled one or two beers myself already, I just know you guys will love this very special new feature of our tour.


At Ride, we believe if you include things like food and accommodation, then do it properly. You will love our dinner, I promise, as you will the hostel (next video!!)
Nb. You may think the video is around the wrong way, but this is art baby, the focus is on the food!!!


One of the most common questions we get asked. We obviously can’t control the weather, but often, it is when the coast is at its most spectacular. Don’t worry about what we can’t control. Just enjoy what we can!!!