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Hello and welcome to Ride Tours! ​

Our​ iconic Great Ocean Road two day bus tour depart​s every​​​​ Monday and Thursday​,​ 11 months of the year, plus we add a Saturday departure for our summer season (early November until late April). We close for the month of August for our​ own bit of​ holidays​ to spice the year up​ – yeeeha!!!

If you want to pay on the day of the tour, call me on 0427180357 and leave your details with me. Otherwise book now online and ensure you get your seat!

If you have any questions at all about our tour, I am more than happy for you to email me at​

My team and I look forward to showing​ you the very best of the Great Ocean Road.


  • 5 star review  Amazing tour! Todd was the best guide we could’ve ask for! Funny, informative, chilled. We were never in a rush and we saw lots of amazing places. Highly recommended. Thank u Todd! I even tried the Vegemite ice cream

    thumb Frederike Ring

    5 star review  Great tour with a great guide, small group, lots of fun and lots to see! The hostel was really nice as well! Highly recommend anyone to take this tour for the great ocean road. Avoids all the tourist buses as well! Thanks Todd!!

    thumb Nicola Böffinger

    5 star review  Amazing tour, Jude was a great tour guide who couldn't have done more to help and answer questions, she had great knowledge and stories to go along with all the stops! Accommodation was great and the food was great! Totally recommend!

    thumb Abbie Portsmouth
  • 5 star review  Great tour, even if the weather in September was not so good. Jude is a funny professional guide! Recommended!

    thumb Riccardo Castellan

    1 star review  Un conseil, ne choisissez pas ce tour organise. J' avais reserve le mercredi pour un depart le jeudi soit le lendemain. Vers 18h, je recois un appel me signifiant que le voyage est annule car le guide n' a pas bien regarde le planning... J' ai du rechercher en urgence un plan de secours pour mon hebergement... Aucun dedommagement et excuses... A bannir! Ne merite meme pas une etoile

    thumb Remy Yadan

    1 star review  Extremely disappointing and unprofessional, avoid at all costs.

    thumb Siilk Lone
  • 5 star review  The tour was very nice. Jude is a funny and friendly guide that makes everybody feel welcomed and comfy! She has an amazing knowledge of the area (in therms of information about the sites we visited as well as for the wildlife's habits and hidden spots). I had a great time ! It is definitely worth the price! !

    thumb Geneviève Bonneau

    5 star review  Still sticks in my mind as a great trip, met loads of cool people, many of im still in touch with, i remember Todd being great fun and a fab guide.. That was 7 yrs ago and id go back tomorrow if I could!

    thumb Katie Edwards

    5 star review  The best choice Of the Great Ocean Road.

    thumb Ma Li Ya
  • 5 star review  What an amazing experience!! Thank you Todd for making sure we saw EVERYTHING! And thanks to a great group of people! This is the only way to go guys!!

    thumb Hadassah Winter

    5 star review  Go Go Gooooo! Would not Have done this Trip with any other company (And Have tried some In other Aussie's places)! Very pro but very fun, very In time but taking time, brilliant food And accommodation... Thanks Todd to Have understand What travellers want but you are one Yourself so definitly It helps! Keep Going, wish you the best with the New Van! Marine from France

    thumb Ma Nine

    5 star review  I enjoyed everything about this well organised, fun and interesting tour. Our tour guide Jude was a legend! Her passion for the experience really shone through, she looked after us all so well. Thanks again Jude, an experience I will never forget! Xx

    thumb Miranda Friend
  • 5 star review  Just got back from an amazing two day Great Ocean Road tour with amazing tour guide, Jude. The trip itself was awesome and beautiful. The accommodation was wonderful as well. Jude was an exceptional tour guide who was very knowledgeable (on everything!), hilarious and fun. I highly recommend doing the two day Great Ocean Road Tour with Ride Tours- you will not be disappointed! Jude I hope you find your surgeon man, can't wait to visit you in five years! See you again soon!

    thumb Jacqueline Victoria

    5 star review  The best tour ever!!! I really enjoyed!! 100% recomended!! Todd is the most friendly, approachable and funny guide tour ever I had. He is very knowledge of the area and animals. He knows where to go and when to avoid crowds. He was taking care of everyone and everything!! I was with a friend and I will repeat again with my boyfriend! Thanks Todd for this amazing tour!! Greetings from the Spanish crazy Marta 😉

    thumb Marta Sole

    5 star review  Thanks Todd for a great 2 Days Trip along Great Ocean Road. Very much enjoyed the time and great weather!

    thumb Carina Ziegelmüller
  • 5 star review  Great trip....absolutely freezing cold and wild weather, made the trip even more dramatic. Thanks Todd great two days!

    thumb Liz Walker

    5 star review  Amazing trip! From start to finish everything was perfect and definitely exceeded all expectations. Saw so many incredible sights, including some hidden gems that I had never heard of. Todd was an excellent tour guide, very knowledgeable and friendly, with some great banter (for an Aussie). Would certainly recommend this tour to anyone ... It is the best way to see the Great Ocean Road

    thumb Jake Cooper

    5 star review  Amazing trip! I can't imagine doing it in only one day. My daughter and I loved the sights and the adventure, but the best part by far was our guide, Jude. Informative, gracious, hilarious, and a generous soul. Can't wait to see her at Sam's wedding Valentine's day, 2023!

    thumb Lisa King
  • 5 star review  If you want the full Great Ocean Road experience this is the Company to go with! Went with Ride Tours on 28-29 Sep 2015 and it was absolute amazing. Since they are doing the tour in a different approach than other Companies, you arrive at most of the sights when there is almost no one else there. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sites almost all by yourself, which allows you to be able to take some great photos unhindered of heaps of other tourists. Also, since it is a 2 day tour, you have plenty of time at each of the many beautiful sights so you don’t have to rush through, which I was told that some of my friends doing the 1-day tours had too. Besides the above, both of their tour guides (Todd and June) are really great. Very open, fun and talkative. They’ve both been doing Great Ocean Road tours for many many years so they really know what they are doing / talking about. I highly recommend going with Ride Tours if you want to go see the Great Ocean Road.

    thumb Andreas Emil Nielsen

    5 star review  Brilliant 2 day tour, saw all kinds of wildlife; koala, kangaroos, emus and got to feed some beautiful looking birds. The hostel we stayed in is clean, nice atmosphere and brews it's own tasty ales! The tour of the road itself was great, Todd is a well informed ethuastic Aussie who kept us entertained. Would recommend!

    thumb Luke Turnbull

    5 star review  Had two spectacular days with Jude. The food, the stories, the humor, everything about the tour was on point! Still can't believe on all the fun we missed out by not sitting up front with her for the first day of the tour. We were never at any location with any other tour groups and the weather was unbelievably good??? We saw god knows how many rainbows??? (I know this is out of the control of Ride Tours, I just wanted to point out how amazing the weather was) Basically, book this damn tour, you'll have two brilliant days.

    thumb Syuhada Hassan
  • 5 star review  Awesome scenery and super friendly tour guide and group......... Couldn't ask for any more 😊. Would definitely recommend!!! See you at your dream house in 5 years Jude!

    thumb Kye Felton

    5 star review  Jude is a great guide and person! The best ever had . The two days tour is perfect for see everything without rush and enjoying the atmosphere.

    thumb Roberta Iannaccone

    5 star review  Had the two day tour with Jude and had the most amazing time, she brought such a great personality to the tour, the story telling and so much information! The hostel was brilliant and we stopped at so many places! Making sure we saw Aussie wildlife, the best sunset ever and her unreal master chef abilities in the kitchen! The best part was doing the great ocean road backwards and never seeing any other tourist buses! Her passion really boosted the energy on the tour and we really embraced it! It was such a wonderful trip! Thankyou so much 10/10!!!!

    thumb Kimberley Counter
  • 5 star review  If you wan't to see the Great Ocean Road it' s the best way to go with other people, for me as a backpacker was totaly worth it. Thank's Todd 😀

    thumb Andy Schmid

    5 star review  OMG I havent laughed that much in sooooooo long!!! Great company both the people on it & Ride itself. Jude is so funny, friendly & knows her stuff!! Definitely recommend this to others ....I was recommended you guys by another tour person & really glad I said yes. All things Aussie in 2 days....funny as .... Still chuckling now thats for sure. Keep on keeping on id definitely come again!! Cheers to everyone for a great time 🙂 x

    thumb Fran Foster

    5 star review  Had a brilliant trip!! 😀 Todd was a fantastic tour guide - he was very informative about all places we stopped off at and went out of his way to make sure everyone was happy and catered for. The Great Ocean Road was amazing to see and I would recommend that everyone go with this tour company. You won't regret it! Todd - you have great banter and Ash and I loved chatting to you for the two days! It wouldn't have been the same without you! Keep up the good work! 🙂 P.S Ash went out and bought the ingredients to make your coconut rice haha! 😛

    thumb Alex Falconer
  • 5 star review  Fantastic trip with great guides! Had an amazing time with a great bunch of people seeing what the Great Ocean Road has to offer! We were not let down... 10/10 x

    thumb Ashleigh Mitchell

    5 star review  Absolutely amazing tour with a great and funny guide (Jude) - lots of positive energy! Amazing!

    thumb Kira Maurer

    5 star review  Big shout out to Todd for an amazing tour. You made this trip so memorable and your knowledge was amazing! The hostel we stayed at was one of the cleanest and nicest I’ve been to, the sights were incredible and never crowded- thanks to Todd knowing when to go. You will experience the Great Ocean Road as it should be experienced- without 500 people in the way. If you want to get great Instagram photos, see kangaroos, koalas and emus in the wild- and believe me- you will see them all! This is the tour for you. Fantastic value for money, perfect amount of time to experience everything without rushing and an amazing guide. Fully recommend. Thanks so much Todd! Have a great Christmas!

    thumb Laura Louise